Always looking up. — Thriving Under Pressure

I look up every chance I get. First thing in the morning. On my run. On my way to work. In between classes. Out for a bike ride. From the skylight in my office. On the front porch before I go to sleep. Connected to Something Bigger The sky connects us to something much bigger […]

via Always looking up. — Thriving Under Pressure

Wonderful post about the positive effects of being out in nature and how it benefits mental health. Dr. Andrea Dinardo also talks about how nature can help us understand how we are all connected in the universe, resulting in a healthy altruistic perspective instead of an egotistical one.

The element that stuck out for me in “Always Looking Up,” was the line “I look up every chance I get.” Those lines attracted me, because although Dr. Dinardo spoke literally about looking up at the sky, I found it to be a beautiful metaphor for moving forward in difficult times. Things get dark but no one should let themselves be consumed by the negativity. Even in the most difficult of times and when you have no idea how you’re going to move forward, look up and keep your head up.  If you feel lost, surrender your troubles. Have faith things will turn out okay. For me personally, I surrender them to God when I cannot find a way and things always turn around once I surrender.

So, don’t ever let burdens or unfortunate circumstances claim you. As Dr. Dinardo says, “No matter what happens, the sun will rise, the stars will shine, and the moon will glow.”

The world will go on despite your troubles, so why should your life stop altogether?

*For more insightful articles on positive psychology, check Dr. Dinardo’s website here.*

4 thoughts on “Always looking up. — Thriving Under Pressure

  1. Beautiful commentary on my post! Brought the biggest smile to my morning. Thank you for sharing with your readers!

    Perhaps… you could share some or all of your reflections/commentary on my original post. So illuminating & worthy of sharing x 2 !!



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